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Mini Beef Cattle

We raise Irish Dexter mini beef cattle.These cows are noted for their small size and gentel disposition. The average weight of an adult cow is about 650 pounds and the bull is 850 - 900 pounds.
Newborn calves are an average of 35 pounds each. This very sturdy breed does very well in the Maine climate and its greatest asset is that it can be raised with a minimal amount of space. An adult cow will do well on three-quarters of an acre of good grazing pasture. In the winter we ration a 3/4 bale of good quality hay. They do very well on just this small amount of feed. The minimum amount of shelter needed as an adult is a three-sided shelter placed against the prevailing wind. We now have 3 spring heifers and 2 bulls for sale. Want to get one of these unique animals to raise, but lacking the fencing? Not a problem, you can reserve one of the calves of your choice by putting 75% down on the one you want (the deposit is non-refundable). We will keep it till it is weaned sometime in September or October. That way you can get your fencing and winter feed ready. We also have three bred heifers for sale.

Mini Beef Cattle