Midsummer Night's
Meadow Farm

Susan Watson
Garland, Maine

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Midsummer Night's Meadow Farm
About Our Flock

My farm was originally established in Garland, in the early 1800's making it one of the town's historic first farmsteads in what is referred to as the Maine Highlands Area. The 28 acres that I own of the original farm has both fields and  mixed hard and softwood forest.  I am in the process of reclaiming and maintaining pastures for my sheep using organic practices.

I maintain a flock of purebred registered white and colored Corriedale sheep with excellent bloodlines and fine fiber. I also have a flock of Cotswold ewes that came from the Kelmscot Rare Breeds Conservancy Farm in Lincolnville, Maine. I have raised sheep since I was 9 years old, and do as much of my own flock health maintenance as possible, including the shearing. Much of my skills were learned from my Dad, who's a sheep farmer and veterinarian and my Mom who is a long time fiber artist and past member of the Maine Spinner's and Weaver’s Guild.

I shear, wash, and dye my flock’s wool that I use for my one- of- a- kind, hand felted, wearable, art creations and functional pieces such as wall hangings and hooked rugs for the home.  My fiberart can be seen at juried exhibits and arts festivals throughout Maine. I also sell sheepskins, rug hooking supplies and cuts of lamb and lamb sausage at the Newport Farmers' & Artisans' Market on Saturdays and at my farm.