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Barry, Mary, & BJ Higgins

Charleston, Maine

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Who We Are
We would like to introduce you to Maple Lane Farms in Charleston
, ME. We know that many of you have never heard about us. Maple Lane Farms is a family farm in Charleston, which is in Penobscot County, about 25 miles north of Bangor. We are a forth generation farm and have been at the same location since about 1935 when Stanley Higgins bought the farm. Stan sold the farm to my Dad, Charles “Shine” and Margaret Higgins in 1941. Together they ran the farm as a potato – dairy – and hay operation.

The Early Years
I (Barry) joined my Dad in the ‘60’s and we were primarily a dairy farm. In the early ‘70’s we built a farm store at the farm location and sold meat and natural milk from the farm as well as run a wholesale truck. Because of a change in inspection regulations we decided to close the farm store in 1988. We did c
ontinue to do custom meat cutting of domestic and game animals at the farm store site and also continued to sell and process sides and quarters of beef and pork raised on our own farm.

In the early ‘90’s we started a small scale commercial hay and silage business.
Our son BJ graduated from high school in 1995 and after a short stint in college decided to join our farm operation.  He continues today becoming the 4th generation to work the farm. At that time we were growing our hay and dairy businesses and also doing custom meat cutting. We started a small herd of natural beef so that we could supply our customers with beef raised on our farm.

Maple Lane Farm and The Future
In 1999 Mary and I purchased the farm from my Dad and we dissolved the partnership of Charles C. Higgins & Son and continued on as Maple Lane Farms. Dad continued to serve as our consultant and mentor until his death in November of 2006. My mother Margaret lives across the street and continues to support our farm operation.

Since 1999 we have grown our hay and silage business, adding a large line of trucks and equipment and are now one of the largest hay dealers in the Northeastern United States.  We deal mostly in the small square bales of hay primarily for horses, goats, and sheep, but a small number of round bales are also available. Corn and hayledge produced is used on our farm and extra is sold to several other dairy and livestock producers.

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